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Dental Microscopes

Each of our operatories is equipped with Global surgical microscopes. Dental microscopes allow clear, magnified images to the doctor to provide more detail for precise treatment.

Kalamazoo Dental Microscope Endodontics


Schick by Sirona Digital X-Rays

X-rays are a very important part of your endodontic therapy here at West Michigan Endodontics. We use Schick digital x-rays as part of your comprehensive care. The Schick sensors used in our office are the highest resolution sensors which provide superior image quality. Digital images are instant and can be computer enhanced in many different ways for better diagnostics

Endodontic Digital X-Rays Kalamazoo


Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT 3-D Imaging)

3-D imaging allows accurate exploration of tooth anatomy. CBCT technology delivers high quality 3D images at the same or lower dose of radiation as a standard panoramic exam. Fast scanning time allows for maximum comfort during the exam. Wheelchair accessibility allows scans for all patients.

Kalamazoo CBCT