Root Canal Retreatment

Endodontic Retreament is a procedure that may be necessary when the tooth has previous root canal therapy and has become reinfected. This may be the result of decay, untreated canals, or under treated canals. The patient may experience swelling or discomfort with biting or chewing on or around the area of the original root canal treatment. A patient may not be experiencing any symptoms, however an x-ray of the area may show there is a problem and their general dentist will refer them to our office for further evaluation and treatment.

What happens during Endodontic Retreament:

Initial Step:
Once the tooth is fully numb, the access is re-opened through the biting surface of the tooth and the previous root canal filling material is removed.

Second Step:
The canals are thoroughly cleaned and reshaped. The new filling material is placed and an x-ray is taken to determine the exact position of material before permanently sealing it in the canals.

Third step:
A sterile cotton pellet and temporary filling are placed in the access opening of the tooth and will need to be replaced with a permanent restoration by the patient’s general dentist. The general dentist will determine what type of replacement will be used and may include a core build-up, post, and crown. This permanent restoration will protect the natural tooth and insure a positive prognosis.

After the root canal therapy, any areas of infection around the roots of the tooth will begin to heal.